Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fiskateers having fun and raising money for charity!

Wow! Camp Crop is a success!

The planning for Camp Crop has gone on for weeks. Yesterday was the day. We got in the building a 7am and turned a beautiful banquet hall into Camp Crop for Lupus. We put up a tent , build a campfire (yes, I know it really was not real). hung butterflies from chandeliers, put out centerpiece, personalized candy bars and a box of candy for everyonw. We had so much great food. The food table was decorated with a birdbath and butterflies and nets. We set up the table and put out all of our auction items. Then Rebecca Peck, lead Fiskateer, arrived.
Other fiskateers started arriving and it was so much fun to make new friends and see old friends. Before the day was over we were 100% fiskateer.
Everyone was given a sash and there were a number of badges you earn for various things throughout the day.
The food was wonderful. Robin made madanrin orange cupcakes with handmade butterflies. She is my daughter, but I am so proud of how she helps and it really is Fiskateers that has made her the cupckae queen. When we went to Greenville they gave out books on how to make cupcakes and she has put hers to good work.
As much as I love the fun and the prizes, the auction has to be the highlight for me. All of the funds go to the Lupus Foundation of American and we made 50% more than we made last year.I have to thank everyone who donated items for the auction. We raised over $3,400.00 this year.
I want to thank all of my friends, Fiskars and anyone who helped make this a FISKA-FABULOUS day.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

What would a fiskateer basket look like?

Fiskateer Gail Hutchinson just came in and donated 2 baskets to be auctioned at Camp Crop on Sat., March 27. If you want to see want a fiskateer basket would look like- well, here they are.
What a great treat someone will have enjoying these beauties in their home. They are absolutely one of a kind treasures. Her basketry skill is fabulous. I know I will be bidding on one of these!

Fiskateer Camp Crop- Only 2 more days!!!!

We are heading down the home stretch to Camp Crop. The excitement is at a high pitch!
The names tags are done, the candy ( a must for a crop ) is ready, packing is starting and we are sure that it is going to be a super duper crop. We have so many items for auction! I am elated that we can possibly beat last year's total for the amount donated to the Lupus Foundation of America.
There will be photo ops. Here are a couple more sneak peeks at auction items. A scrapbook that is already done and a dollform, Fiska-kissed!
The reason that this cause is near and dear to my heart is the death of my brother in law, Jarrell Bledsoe. He was one of the kindest, giving and compassionate people I have ever had the honor of knowing. He died from complications of Lupus almost 3 years ago.
I cannot help him, but I think he would be proud that I have chosen this cause. I hope to raise awareness and money that could possibly help find a cure for this terrible disease.
We can have a fun event and still do something that REALLY matters!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More Sneak Peeks for Fiskateer Charity Camp Crop

We are really starting to pull things together for Camp Crop. Today I worked on things needed to decorate and badges that people will earn Saturday. Time is growing short and I do have nerves on edge, but I am certain that we can finish things off and have a wonderful crop and raise money for the Lupus Foundation of America while, at the same time, meeting new friends and seeing others that we haven't seen for a while. Can't wait to see Rebecca!!!Our auction items list is growing. Leave a comment on any of the crop posts and someone will win a Fiskars tool after the crop. Wish me luck!
Today is a sneak peek of a frame that is loaded with pictures of the Fiskars 360th Birthday Bash, a collection of the dress forms that are finished (more to come) and a movie basket filled with movies, popcorn, tissues ( for those sad moments) and all the goodies a person could ask for to snack on.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

5 days and counting down to Fiskateer Camp Crop

We are working hard at fixing our doll forms, making badges, fixing lots of auction baskets and trying to organize the decorations. This is proving to be a large, but fun, event. We will have about 60 fiskateers at Camp Crop. All proceeds from the crop is being donated to the Lupus Foundation of America.
I can't wait till it is time! The auction baskets are piling up. Want to give you another sneak peak!!! Suzie has made a red hat hot mama and we have a basket filled with fiskars, orange items and the mickey mouse ears and water bottle from the Florida Fiskars 360th birthday bash!
If you are going to be near Barboursville, WV on Sat, come and enjoy a day of eating, meeting new fiskateers, prizes, auction and, of course, scrapbooking!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

One more week until Fiskateer crop!

I can't believe that we only have one more week until the Fiskateer Camp Crop. Preparations are in full swing and we are heading to the finish line. We will be working until the opening time to improve on all our ideas. Wish I could tell you all of our plan, but that would spoil some of the surprises we have in store. I am working on more baskets and badges today!
Then this evening I am going home to the whole family and then some extras that I can't wait to get to know better.
Well, a sneak peek today! We will be auctioning an Apronology magazine, signed by one of the artist published in the book- our own non-chocolate candy loving, Angela Daniels. She was kind enough to include a couple of tools that she used to make her apron.
Also, a Domestic Goddess basket, filled with Ed Begley cleaner and many other household goodies, including cheetah print cleaning gloves. Any woman would have to feel like a goddess with these gloves on while cleaning the toilet.
Any fiskateer will love the purse we have to auction. It is a brand new Fiore, by Isabella Fiore. Orange is the color, soft leather gathered into a rose and if that wasn't enough- a lime green lining.
Back to work now, but will be revealing other things all week. Happy creating!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Fiskateer Camp Crop- 8 days and counting

Getting ready for Camp Crop. I've got my orange shoes and shirt!
Wow, what a blast we are having just getting ready. When all the fiskateers are here and we are having so much fun- that will be super. Truly, I really am already so happy that I know we are going to raise a significant amount of money to donate to the Lupus Foundation of America.
Camp Crop will be the crop that no one will ever forget. Last year we had a super fiska-fabulous day and this year is going to be even better.
The charity auction is going to have a large selection of things this year. The Fiskars basket and lime green Rachel Ray cookware are among the items. I will be posting more every day!
If you are in the area on March 27 and want to join us, just call 304-733-9414.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

10 Days and counting till Fiskateer Camp Crop

Only 10 more days until the Fiskateer Camp Crop in Barboursville. We have received lots more items for the charity auction. While on a Fiskateer chat the other evening, I won a small collage piece and book by Roni Johnson. The framed piece is absolutely amazing with detail and dimension. She also sent a heart and wings necklace and a small decorated box.
We have around 55 coming so far. Rebecca Peck, a lead Fiskateer, will be in attendance. The fee is $30.00, all of which is donated to the Lupus Foundation of America. We will crop, eat, have fun, and have a charity auction that evening to raise even more for the Lupus Foundation.
Everyone is helping me make this the best crop we have ever planned. The food will be wonderful. If you need further information call the Scrapbook Page at 304-733-9414 (11am-5:30pm).

Friday, March 5, 2010

More Auction items

Three Weeks and counting! That is how long it is until Camp Crop! One of the favorite times of the day is the charity auction.
Candy Rosenberg, director of education for Graphic 45 has sent two items that will be on the block that evening.
Another dress form has been done. If you love the americana style this doll is for you.
The girls and I are planning and trying to organize a little tomorrow. There will be more orange stuff that one person can imagine. Do you know they have orange Peeps at Target. A box for every table. Green and orange tic tacs, yes, they have them at Target.
The weekend is coming, but I work tomorrow. Might be time to do Monday's kits. Sunday is grandson and kids day. Also, I LOVE Nascar!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fiskateers make a difference

I was featured in this month's issue of Scrap n art, an online magazine that has fabulous articles and layouts in it.
I credit my mother with making me the person I am today. She taught me to care for others. Most of the article deals with the charity events that I have participated in since become a fiskateer.
When someone asks what is Fiskateers, telling them it is an online crafting community is only the tip of the iceberg. I have done several events to raise money for different charities. I have enjoyed every one.
Just wanted to share the article online now!

Dare to Care

Scrapbookers, as an overall community,

are a caring group. Whenever there is a

need, whether it is providing pre-made

scrapbook pages to sick children in the

hospital, cards for US troops overseas or

scrapbook supplies for women in a shelter,

scrapbookers are ready to do their share.

Maxine Hodges is one such scrapbooker

who is always ready to do as much as

she can to help those around her and has

made her scrapbooking passion an integral

part in her charitable contributions.

Elena Etcheverry of Scrapbook Royalty

said, “Maxine is one of those scrapbookers

who uses her affi liation with the hobby

to make a difference.”

Maxine began scrapbooking when she was invited

to a home party in 1994. Maxine said, “I

collected many tools and materials, but then

the newness wore off and I did not pick it back

up until 1997. My son got married and I had

grandsons and the passion was back and has

only grown over the years.” Also in 1994, Maxine

began working at her local scrapbook store

and soon became the manager. She was employed

there for over 10 years when in 2006,

the owners decided to move to North Carolina.

“On a Tuesday, I was the manager and by

Saturday, I was the owner of The Scrapbook

Page and More in Barboursville, WV. I love my

job and love to come to work everyday,” said


The scrapbook store provides a perfect venue

for Maxine to combine her favorite hobby and

her charity work. She has held Scrap Pink crops

and now holds a yearly crop in support of the

National Lupus Foundation, the charity which

is closest to her heart. “My brother-in-law, Jarrell

Bledsoe, was one of the most compassionate

and giving people I have ever known. He

suffered from this disease for fi ve years before

his death. The disease presents itself so differently

in each person, it is hard to diagnose and

even harder to treat. I could not help him, but

I think he would be proud I have taken on this

cause to help other families who are dealing

with it,” said Maxine.

Maxine’s involvement in charity work is not

limited to her activities at the store. She is also

an active member of the Charity Fiskamittee of

the Fiskateers. Fiskateers are Fiskars Crafting

Ambassadors. They have an international online

community and members also get together

for real life local events. Maxine is currently

the 2009 Fiskateer of the Year. Through the

Fiskateers, Maxine has been involved in Sock

It To Poverty (collecting socks for the homeless),

Cards for the Troops and collecting food

for her local food pantry. The Fiskateers have

also become involved with Maxine in her work

for the National Lupus Foundation. “The First

Annual Crop for Lupus was held in 2008. I really

did not know exactly what I was doing, but

the crop and a corresponding auction raised

$600.00. I was so proud, but determined that

the next event would be so much bigger and

better. And it was! In 2009, Rebecca Peck, a

lead Fiskateer, agreed to come to the crop and

the attendance started getting so big, I knew

my shop would not hold everyone. The crop

fee was donated to the National Lupus Foundation.

My landlord was kind enough to let

me use an empty space close to my

store. We decorated walls and tables

and even made up a Fiskateer song.

Rebecca did a make and take and

we scrapbooked and enjoyed meeting

so many new people. We turned

the town orange (Fiskateer color)! We

had an auction and raised $2400 for my charity! We are currently in the process of planning for

the 2010 crop,” said Maxine.

To Maxine, there is no greater satisfaction than helping others. “As a child, my mother taught

me the meaning and satisfaction of doing for others. We made dinner for my aunt, who had cancer,

every weekend and spent every Saturday evening with her. We always collected for Unicef.

During high school, I was in service clubs which collected money for charitable causes. In Junior

Womans Club, I helped raise funds for a new volunteer fi re department in our small community

and as PTA president, I raised funds and got grants to build a playground at our new elementary

school. Since childhood, I have learned the gratifi cation of giving and helping others,” said


Make sure if you are in Barboursville, West Virginia to stop by and visit Maxine at her store, The

Scrapbook Page in the RiverPlace Plaza (304-733-9414). Who knows, you might just be lucky

enough to join her as she crops for charity! If a trip is not possible, then check out her blog at

Dare to Care

by Melita Chow

Page 27 Page 28

Maxine Hodges

Dare to Care charities are chosen in conjunction with Scrapbook Royalty.
Scrapbook Royalty is a 100% volunteer run organization whose