Friday, April 17, 2009

I made my bag to fill with food

Here is the bag I just altered to fill with food. If you make a bag and leave a reply on my message on the message board, you might win a great Fiskars RAK. Every fiskateer is being challenged to collect food for their area food banks.

What is a little Food Among Friends

One of the challenges in this economy is that charities are also suffering. The Charity Fiskamittee has decided that we can make a difference within our own communities by collecting food. As an added bonus, you make alter and decorate your bags to collect food in. I bet if we even clean our food cupboards out we could donate many items that would be greatly apppreciated by the people at the foodbanks. Several of us are setting up times at various food bank and we hope that fiskateers all over the country will help make a difference. A few nonperishable food items from Fiskateers will make a large difference. I have designated that on NSD at my shop we are collecting food and the person who brings the most will win a $40. gift certificate.
I am challenging everyone to help. Check out my challenge on fiskateers to win a rak at the end of the month by decorating a bag.
This a challenge that we can all spend a little and make a large impact.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Winner of my Happy Day Rak is....

Lisa 5095. I am thrilled that Lisa won. She had even posted on the fiskateer board that she would love to come to the crop, but was unable to drive that distance. I hope you enjoy your goodies.
thanks to all who entered.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fiskateers, Cropping and Charity

My sincere thanks to fiskars for having Fiskateers. Rebecca is truly a fabulous Fiskars ambassador. By having Rebecca at our Barboursville crop, we were able to have almost all fiskateers at our 2nd annual charity Crop for Lupus. Rebecca gave up time with her family and drove to Barboursville. Her visit was listed on the Fiskateer calender. We had Fiskateers from WV, Virginia, Ohio and Michigan. I truly think and hope that everyone had a wonderful time. The laughter and the atmosphere in the room was fun and contagious. I have never planned anything that I have been prouder of. Now, I had much help. My friends are priceless and my second family.
We not only had a wonderful time, but raised over 2,000.00 for the National Lupus Foundation.
Thank you to everyone who came. Thanks to my landlord who gave me a huge space so that we could have so many people. I am reflecting today on the crop. We just got home from cleaning and carrying tables and chairs back to about everyone I know. Today I feel blessed that I did something my brother in law, who died of lupus, would be proud that I did. Truthfully, that is the thing that makes me happier than anything.

We turned Barboursville orange

We had a wonderful time at our crop yesterday. Rebecca Peck, lead fiskateer, and such a wonderful, funny person was our guest host. I could not thank her enough for coming here to Barboursville on this special day.
We had so many fiskateers and encourage them to wear orange. That orange glow that the space station probaly reported was us.
Many thanks to everyone who helped. They are so many of my special friends who helped me make this event a success. I love you guys- Sue, Mary,Gail, Laura and Suzie.
We cropped, laughed, ate, and had wonderful surprises. Groovy Deb and Sweepnut,Denise surprised me by registering under other names. YEAH! They came all the way from Richmond. Mardi, whom I dearly love, came from Michigan and a new frien, Sherri came from Ohio. Old friendships were renewed and new friendships formed.
This was our 2nd annual charity crop for the National Lupus Foundation. the crop fee and the auction will allow us to donate around $2,000.00 in honor Jarrell Bledsoe, my brother in law, who died in Oct, 2007. Mary was such a great auctionner and everyone was so generous.
What fun!
We had an orangest contest. Many took this very serious and you will see by the photo. Sue, super fiskateer won,but so many others had fun participating. Many thanks to Robin, Melissa, Laura and Suzie who all put much effort into this fun contest.
I will blog more about this later, but thank you to all of you that came or helped in any way. I had a BLAST!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy Crop Day

Hey everyone, this is not Maxine but her daughter, Robin. I am writing to say that Mom has been so busy planning her biggest crop yet that she has had no time for anything else. Luckily today is the day for what I call the Crop for Lupus, meaning all money made is going to the Lupus foundation. She has so many people attending we even had to find a different location her shop is not big enough for the people and the paper, thanks to the owner of the River Place Shopping Center for letting us use the former Quiznos location around the corner. Mom and her friends have been working like crazy to decorate and the make the place look Fiska-friendly. I have been running back and forth and thought I would share some pictures of what is happening. More to come later... enjoy