Monday, July 27, 2009


Today I attended the 360th birthday party for Fiskars at Epcot. When we walked into the room we were greeted by the leads. We saw tables full of snacks and Mickey Mouse ears-in Fiskars orange!

We visited and then went on a savanger hunt in the park. The winners were given Fiskars bucks. Once back inside we got a visit from Mickey Mouse-and played another game. We stood by our chairs and leads asked questions. If you answered yes, you remained standing, if you answered no you sat down. The game continued and I soon realized that I was one of only two people standing. When they asked if you had ever decorated an empty Quisnos with flowers I knew that I had won!

Susanne Fanning and Mickey presented me with an engraved pair or gigantic Fiskar scissors and the title "Fiskateer of the Year-2009"!

I was so surprised and proud that I was chosen for this honor! It means so much to me. I couldn't have done it without my Merry Band and was glad that they were there to share it with me.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Fiskateers Butterfly Project

As a member of the Fiskateer Charity Committee, I was pleased to write the blog for our upcoming project.
We are going to be making 2 dimensional butterflies to help commerate the children that were lost and imprisoned during the Holocaust.
If you have not heard of this project please read. It will make you weep and want to create!
The Butterfly Project

1,500,000 innocent children perished in the Holocaust. “Children were neither just the mute and traumatized witnesses to this war, nor merely it’s innocent victims; the war invaded their imaginations and the war raged inside them.” ~ Nicholas Stargaught

In an effort to remember these children, the Holocaust Museum Houston is collecting 1.5 million handmade butterflies.

These butterflies will comprise a breath-taking exhibition for all to remember. During the next 2 years we have the opportunity to create as many handmade butterflies as possible. You can do this individually or have a buttefly crop as we are going to do.

The Holocaust Museum requirements are:

Butterflies should not be larger than 8 inches by 10 inches.
Two dimensional submissions are preferred.
Glitter should not be used.
No food products (macaroni, candy or other perishables)
Fiskateers should create their butterflies, place their name and number on them, upload to their galleries and then contact Maxine via email at to obtain her mailing address. Maxine has graciously offered to count and send the butteflies to the museum. Thank you Maxine.

Let’s recreate the beauty lost in their imaginations in honor of these children.”

With such a big and loving community of fiskateers I know we can make a huge difference in remembering these little ones who were lost but not forgotten.