Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Winter Wonderland!

For the last three days we have had an abundant amount of snow. Like so many others on the east coast we have come to a stand still. However, my stand still includes a 7 year old grandson who is out of school. I have not opened my shop and we have played and ate all day. The Wii is a blessing. I laugh as I watch him play. He moves , jumps and kicks while watching the Star War lego characters move. We are going to make snow ice cream tonight. This is something I remember my mother and grandmother doing for us. For those of you who do not know what this is:
Mix in a large bowl
about a cup of evaporated milk
1/2 sugar
a dash of vanilla.
Take the bowl outside to a CLEAN snow pile , leaving any area of yellow totally alone, and spoon snow in and mix to a consistanecy of homemade ice cream.
I had planned on starting my anti-resume to apply for fiskateer lead. I want to do my very best to achieve a goal that would be a dream come true. However, on a snowy day with a grandson, family comes first.
I have the rest of the month to apply, but these special days with Ben are priceless!

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