Friday, April 17, 2009

What is a little Food Among Friends

One of the challenges in this economy is that charities are also suffering. The Charity Fiskamittee has decided that we can make a difference within our own communities by collecting food. As an added bonus, you make alter and decorate your bags to collect food in. I bet if we even clean our food cupboards out we could donate many items that would be greatly apppreciated by the people at the foodbanks. Several of us are setting up times at various food bank and we hope that fiskateers all over the country will help make a difference. A few nonperishable food items from Fiskateers will make a large difference. I have designated that on NSD at my shop we are collecting food and the person who brings the most will win a $40. gift certificate.
I am challenging everyone to help. Check out my challenge on fiskateers to win a rak at the end of the month by decorating a bag.
This a challenge that we can all spend a little and make a large impact.

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