Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Sock Fairy came to The Scrapbook Page

Fiskateers is more than just winning prizes and showing our layouts. It is challenging each other to be better people. It is caring and sharing. Last month Fiskteers issued a challenge to each of us to collect socks. These socks are being donated to homeless shelters. I was surprised that I had never thought about collecting so simple as socks- a basic need. I jumped on this challenge and made a hamper to collect the socks. I even donated 10% of sales for a week to buy extra socks. I organized a sock crop and lo, and behold, the sock fairy made a visit. I am not above making a fool of myself for a good cause.
I am very proud that we ended up collecting 310 pairs of socks. That is 3100 toes that will be warmer.
I enjoy the fun part of fiskateers, but this felt very rewarding.