Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Scrapbook Friends are The BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We cropped last night and we were exchanging gifts. These ladies are a support group like no other. There are very few times in my life that I am speechless, but last night was one of those times. As you know, I own a small independent scrapbook shop. My friends, collectively, gave me a certificate for $200. for an advertisment in our local paper. If that was not enough, one of my friends knows that Gone With The Wind has always and still remains my favorite movie ever. She gave me a very old edition of the book. These items among others. What a blessed person I am to have friends and customers like these.


Pinky said...

OMG that is just amazing!
I am floored how amazing scrappers are!
IN my life I have never had such amazing friends until i started scrapping!
I am so excited for you!

Tona said...

How wonderful! It does sound like you have a great group of friends.

Laura1943 said...

How wonderful...and I agree with you. My scrapbook friends just "get me"...they understand my passion and we could spend hours together sharing albums, trading "secrets" and just enjoying each other ! And I know how it is with the old see, my "Gone with the Wind" is...."A Christmas Carol".
Enjoy your book...and your friends ! I am so happy for you too !!