Sunday, November 23, 2008

10 Random things about me!

Just thinking of 10 random things you might not know about me;
1. I am married and have 2 children, a daughter in law and the 2 greatest grandsons in the whole world.
2 I am lucky to have all my family, including 2 brothers and their families all together in one town. ( Love the big family gatherings)
3. I have always been creative. I have done cross stitch, dough art, painted arts and craft items for 7 years as a job, once made 300 green macrame' brooms for a Woman's Club sale(yes, they all sold) and now have a passion for scrapbooking
4. I am blessed to have many friends who are like a second family
5. Love to see what creative projects others do (I think you could give 10 people identical items and you would get 10 totally different results.
6. I love to travel
7. I have never met a chocolate I didn't like
8. One of my favorite places in the world is on my deck -swinging.
9. I love to meet new people and learn about them.
10. I have learned to enjoy normal. When you have experienced losses in your life, you come to realize that it is the normal everday things that you miss most. There is nothing wrong with a normal day.


Peg said...

I'm not afraid to try new things, but yet I'm afraid of heights and deep water.


doverdi said...

Even though I live within walking distance to the beach, I'm afraid of deep water. I'm fine as long as I can touch the bottom. I don't like boats & tend to get "sea-sick" very quickly.
Diane #1329

Vicky's Place said...

I love to spend time with my hubby, travel and try new place to eat. I hate getting on ladders, unless they are a step stool and not high!

patty w said...

A few things off the top of my head :

I've got a wicked (warped) sense of humor !

I'm a coke coke that is !

I love onions! Could eat a skillet full of fried onions!

Patty 2832

Tona said...

I'm very organized...can't help it, chaos makes me crazy.

pattyb said...

I wanted to share ten quick things about me.

1. I'm addicted to coke, regular cherry coke too, ugh.

2. I'm addicted to the Twilight series. Just say the movie twice in one weekend. Never done that before.

3. I have 4 kids but I look like I'm 18. I shock people when the kids call me mom.

4. My sister is a fiskateer and we love to check out blogs together.

5. I have a bad temper, which I am working on.

6. I can get my husband to go see Twilight the movie but not to change diapers.

7. I could eat a half of a large stuffed Chicago style pizza by myself. I wouldn't recommend it.

8. I don't drink alcohol, I don't smoke, I don't do drugs. I don't have any interesting vices.

9. If it wasn't for my husband I would be on Oprah, trying to explain why I am so disorganized and living with piles of garbage.

10. I feel blessed to have all my family still with me. My parents, my siblings, my kids and my husband. I don't know what I would do without them.

sandyh50 said...

I lost a hundred pounds in 2001, now I need to lose 15 that found their way back! I took adult swimming lessons 3 times and quit when they had to go to the "deep" end!

Fiskateer #4165

Anonymous said...

This feels like Truth or Dare. LOL

1) I was a barrel racer in my youth
2) My Fraternal Great use to drive the Budweiser Draft Team.
3) My name was an accident but it stuck because my Fraternal Grandpa's name Ray (also same middle initial - J)
4) I had my first "One-Man" art show at 17 and was awarded one of the most promising young artists in California at high school graduation.
5) My husband & I were destiny, his family was listed in the same Salinas Round-up program (1930's) that had my Great Grandpa on the cover
6)I've been addicted to paper since I was introduced to Origami as a child.
7) I still have the yarn doll Santa that was on my mom's hospital tray when I was born.
8) I LOVE to cook.
9) I LOVE to spend my birthday delivering RAK's homemade goodies.
10) I love the animals & the outdoors.


PS SandyH50 - Congratulations!!!! How'd you do it?

Alex S. said...

I love spending time with my family...even if it's at home...and I am super competitive and I love beating my husband at board games or any other type of game! I am not a sore loser...but I hate losing...who does, right?

Thanks for this...I liked having to think about myself for a change! :)

Debby said...

I did something similar last week.

I love what you did. I was hard pressed to do 7 much less ten. I love the fact that your whole family lives in the same town.

nancy said...

I love spending time with my family. Even though we sometimes make each other crazy -- I still think it is the most fun.

Pepper Potts said...

I never met a chocolate I didn't like either! ;) My favorites...that I miss dearly since they are only available in Canada...are Purdy's. I always remember getting them at melties, and peanut butter bars, and hedgehogs! OHHHH soooooo yummy!!! :)

Turtlelady~Sandy said...

I love to travel. I would have loved to have been at the game today when our Columbus Crew won the 2008 MLS Cup Championship!! That's the Super Bowl of soccer!!!
I wish my health was better since I love adventure. I would love my 20 year old body back!!!
Sandy~Turtlelady #1715

Mardi said...

#5 is so true. I think you gave me a great idea for my blog. I will do a post about some of the things that some people might not know about me. One thing I will share is that I have a terrible memory, so if I don't post the things on my blog, would someone remind me to do so?

Anonymous said...

A couple things about me that you may not know...I'm afraid of heights, and I'm 37 and have NEVER been drunk!

Anonymous said...

Im a Mountain Dew addict and chocolate addict!!!

I get car sick on long trips so I have to "drug" myself so I sleep (its all legal) lol

Betsy said...

Hmmm....random. I grew up being called "Betsy Blue" and was given everything blue, I really LOVED the color pink though (but my sister got everything pink (cause she was "Peggy Pink" she was also tom boy and I was girly girl)

Bronwyn Bell said...

Ohhh wow! So many afraid of deep wayer! Lets see if i can think of 10 things about me - without my best friend doing her 10 things about Bee

1. I have a phobia of spiders never mind as a child always riding my bike over any spider I saw, now I believe its bad luck to kill them!

2. My best friend's family owns a circus, I can get free tickets i just have to ask, however Im scared of clowns.

3. I was borderline for a kidney transplant growing up but out grew it when I was 12.

4. My cousin in law John Walker - was a gold medal olympic runner for NZ.

5. I have an angel baby.

6. I was Sir Roger More's waitress one night when he was in NZ vistings...(longest running James Bond actor)

7. Im left handed! We are like an alien breed or something and you get excited when you see a fallow leftie - im not the only leftie at my work i feel special :p

8. I was in the paper for debating teachers striking for more money and setting bad examples to students who were trying to get an education so we had something to get a job with!

9. I have never broken a bone or had surgery - yet. I have norrowly missed having to have all of those.

10. My car is called "Maxine" and she is my baby...everyone who knows me well refers to her by her name...and not as your car or my car..its Maxine...

Just for the fun of it here is one last one -

11. Everytime I here the song Maxine...I love singing it to my close friend Max whom I use to work with..

nls10271 said...

What a great idea!

1. Im almost 40, most people think Im much younger.

2. I have been doing pencil drawnings since I was really young. I also love to paint.

3. I used to race on the USA junior olympics ski team.

4. In HS I was one of the top 10 fastest softball pitchers in the state of NV.

5. I love my glue gun. Anything I can craft using my glue gun Im in love with.

6. Im scared of heights. I cant stand anywhere near the edge of a cliff.

7. I think my fear of heights is from the result of my dad falling off a 2 story balcony when I was 6. He is now paralized as a result of that fall.

8. I love all animals.

9. My favorite season is winter. I love the snow.

10. I am also afraid of water that I cant see the bottom of. I think I have seen too many scary movies.

11. That just reminded me of one more thing to add. I refuse to watch bloody scary movies. I will only watch movies that make me feel good/happy.

Nadine #4813

Groovy Deborah said...

I thought I would get in on the action and tell you ten things about me too :)

1.I am a triplet.
2.I have been scrappin for 30 years ( yep, you read that right!).
3.I am a big History fan, love genealogy research.
4.I love cheese in my mashed potatoes!
5.My favorite dog is a yellow lab.
6.The smell of the ocean is the best scent in the world, but I detest seafood.
7.I am a vegetarian!
8.I have started disliking my soaps that I have watched since being 12 only because reality tv is so much better!
9.I have been married for almost 15years~whoohoo beating the odds!
10.I have 80's hair!

maldo5 said...

What an neat idea. This is so neat. I will really have to think about my 10 things. Thanks for a great idea.

Robin said...

Hi Maxine! I like making new friends & meeting new people as well! Saw you post, and wanted to come on over and say HI! :)

A little about me... I'm a mom of 4 girls & I love spending time with them & my wonderful hubby!

Robin #5373

RobinV said...

A random fact about me is that I only like Diet coke out of a fountain. I DON'T drink it out of cans or bottles.....kinda odd

crazed scrapbooker said...

hmmmm 10 things....think think....
1. i'm a only child
2. i have a brown triangle in my left eye, which at birth my mom was told it was a freckle. which if you look close enuf into my blue eyes, u can see it
3.i love dobermans!
4. i could live off sushi & not even find one i didn't like :)
5. i cried 3 times in forrest gump
6. if i don't get enough sleep, i'm like a grizzly bear in the morning.
7. everyone i meet, tells me that my daughter is a spit image of me.which i had the same things told to me when my mom introduced me to people as a kid.
8. i had my son in 1 hr 15mins, no drugs, 1 wk early :)
9.i have one tattoo, yet to get another soon
10.i type one handed.always have, even in school, i got told off for it
now that was hard work & loving learning about other people is sooo cooool

Mary said...

maybe I could find 10 things about me 1..I love to spend money, (with the little I have)
2.I'm loooove chocolate.
3I judge the book by it's cover.. if it's not a nice cover, I will not read it.
4 I'm a big fan for Karen Kingsbury books..
5. I'm very scared of hights..
6I hate deep water..
7.I have 8 kids and love everyone of them.. and also 2 son-in-laws..
8.. I looove my kids Dad..(:P
9. I just adore scrapbooking.. and cross stitching.aaaand crocheting rugs..
10.I have a very bad temper.. and seems to be getting worse with age.. I didnt know that I would find 10.. but now that I started.. I could find more but I'll quit here....mariah #2457

Charity said...

Something random. I love classic horror films. Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, Bela Legosi, etc., but I can't stand horror/slasher films of recent date.

Charity #1241

Coco said...

I love spending time with my family and friends
enjoy baking Christmas cookies
love to craft and scrapbook
am afraid of heights
am not a morning person.
just a few random things about me
Karen Sue #3609

marla said...

I am a 38 year old stay-at-home mother of 1 son and a daughter. I watch a little guy who is 17 months old and was born on my birthday. I really enjoy my scrapbooking and cardmaking as a creative outlet. It helps me to participate in online crops so I receive inspiration to get my photos done.

tundrabarbie said...

Oh my goodness - what did you start?? Here are a few of mine...
1. First and foremost I love my family
2. I never met a lobster I didn't like!
3. I am deathly afraid of water I can't see through
4. I love to climb mountains, but I'm afraid of heights - go figure!
5. I am a Football fanatic! It doesn't matter what team(although I am a true Seahawk) - I just love to watch!

Anonymous said...

Just a few RANDOM things about myself:
1.I'm afraid of heights.
2.not a fraid to try new things.,love,love chocolates, even though I shouldn't eat them..have to watch my sugar intake!
4.I come from a huge family of 16.
5. Have a bad temper.
6. I love creating things, be it with paper,yarn, just my thing.
7.I love to sing. to scrap for others but not about myself....just don't like a ME
9.definately not a morning person. to meet new people and get to know them.

Dieverdog said...

I'm terrified of spiders, been to England 3 times, have too many cats (but love them all), work 2 jobs (and love them both) and live in a house built in 1914!

kristine said...

i have 3 beautiful ginga haired boys, and a wonderful hubby, i love coke zero and chocolate (not taht im eating or drinking it at the moment), i would scrap 24/7 if i had the chance, my hubby is in the airforce and we move around a lot

Mayla said...

I have 2 daughters at college, a son who is a realitor 2 dogs and a cat. I love to scrapbook and try new techniques.

Mayla #5193

Colleen said...

Fun idea,
A couple of random things about me.
1. I am scared stiff of snakes and worms. Can't even go into the reptile building in a zoo.
2. Scared of deep water, which has kept me from learning to swim.
3.I have never been drunk.
4. I am not as neat and organized as what I would like to be.
5. I love to try new recipes.
6. I am allergic to mushrooms
Can't think of much else, time to go home.

Barb said...

One random thing about me: I love to craft and have become addicted to my computer ever since I joined fiskateers!! Thanks for giving us the chance to win. :)

JBarb fiskateer 4898

Sara said...

I've never done any dough art...but it sounds fun!

As far as random thoughts about myself...I would rather read a book than eat ice cream. ;)

Sara R. #1314

Joan Shanks said...

10 Random things about me'
1.I'am afraid of Heights.
2.I wouldn't go up to the top of the empire state building when we were there when I was only small.
3.I'am a pepsi addict(diet pepsi)
4.I love sweets.
5.I love to travel.
6.I love animals.
7.I have never taken a alcoho drink of any kind.
8.I hate shoveling snow.
9.I love onions .
10.I love entering contests and winning prizes.

Joan Fiskateer #808.

Karen S said...

I LOVE looking at scrap & stamp idea books. Sitting in my recliner with a beverage of my choice, and a good idea happy place
Karen S

njjkoss said...

Ten thinga bout me....
1. I have been married for 10 1/2 years to the love of my life!
2. I have 2 beautiful sons, I is 8 the other is 2 1/2 yo
3. I have alway's been a night owl, but now find it hard to stay up so late when the kids get up at 6:30 in the morn.
4. My parents are divorced and have been since I was 5
5. I just reconnected with my mother after almost 15 years.
6. I love the smell right after a good rain.
7. I love taking pictures of the weather and nature and of course my family.
8. I love Stevie Nicks
9. I have been scrapbooking on and off for the last 10 years.
10. I love to meet new people and make new friends!!

Anonymous said...

A few random bits of me
Jennifer #4766
1.I am the oldest of 6 kids
2.I love Coca-Cola and collect Coke memorabilia
3.I have 1 tattoo (for now)
4.I have been skinny dippin'
5.I LOVE Christmas the feeling of it.
6.Harry Potter- have read them all and own all the movies to date.
7.I love Ice Cream!
8.I love to travel.
9.I'd go to Vegas every year if I could.
10.I like to try new foods from all over (NO BUGS THOUGH!)

scrappinnelly said...

I hate feet.
I love Twilight.
I am in love with Wentworth Miller.
I hate mushrooms.
I am blessed to have the a great hubby and daughter.

Kristi #5358

BishopsMommie said...

I love the smell of fresh cut grass...although its going to be a few months for I smell that

Char- The Mad Shopper said...

I am a disabled veteran. I spent 11 years in the USAF, and 2 years active duty in the USAFR.